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- a health and wellness fitness page to create a positive environment for females in the gym -

The main goal is to influence strong women and see growth both mentally and physically.

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 w♀men includes, daily affirmations, workout tips, motivational quotes & more. Email me for personalized workout plans and/or online coaching

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MHS graduate, UWM undergrad with plans to study exercise science. Certified personal trainer.  Started w♀men with the goals to empower others, promote a happy & safe workout environment, create helpful content and share my passion for lifting. 

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Achieve Your Dream Physique

These photos are exactly one year apart. I feel so much stronger, not only physically, but also mentally. I started lifting only as a...


this is the tool I use to calculate both my macros and my clients :)

Sunday Scaries

Hey girlies, I know sundays can be pretty tough mental health wise, but try to get those steps in, journal what is on your mind, and just...

Faith’s Fashion

Shout out to my lovely Gphi sister Faith, check out her blog!!! Especially this blog post it was vey motivating and made me feel super...

Workout Wednesday

Hi babes, since its new I will introduce what "Workout Wednesday" is, basically weekly I will share a workout I have completed that I...

Slagoski Fit

Hi, hi, hi!!!! I am so excited to announce the start of my business as a personal fitness coach. I will be offering more services as I...

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